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ALOHA and WELCOME to the Official Website of the philanthropic arm of
The Royal House of Hawai’i – Ka Hale Ali’i O Hoapili Baker


The Hoapili Baker Foundation is a licensed 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization founded and fronted by the branch of George ‘Ī’ī Baker, the legal and legitimate representative Royal branch of the Hoapili Baker Family, representing the extended Royal and Ali’i Hoapili Baker Family.

A Royal, Non-Profit charity foundation on behalf of the Royal and Ali’i Hoapili Baker ‘Ohana and in honor of the legacy, formative work and service of one of their ali’i ancestors, Prince Colonel Robert Hoapili Baker, Royal Governor of Maui, and aide-de-camp and cousin to King David Kalākaua. Our philanthropic purposes are primarily to identify appropriate educational and cultural charities for sponsorship, to host workshops and events for the Hawaiian community, and promote educational development among Hawaiians in the domains of business, science, cinema, technology and environmental awareness to advance the modernity of a new generation of Hawaiians.

In addition, The Hoapili Baker Foundation seeks to promote responsible ocean advocacy for the betterment of the Hawaiian islands.

Our creative objective is also to produce film and performance art of diverse media at the international level with the objective of proliferating the Hawaiian culture and advancing the Native Hawaiian people.

Please visit our Projects page which highlights the support of ongoing endeavors consistent with our mission statements.

We Support the Hawaiian People


Creating and awarding merit-based scholarships for international studies predicated on academic performance and accomplishments. 

Native Hawaiian Conditions

Donating supplies and fundraising to enhance Native Hawaiian conditions


Investing in cinema and film festivals as mind-opening and impactful forms of education.

Protecting our Ocean

Investing in critical research, implementation and scientific outreach to achieve our goals for marine conservation and education.

E ha'awi manawale'a, ke olu'olu

Please donate from the heart

This donation will be used toward all charity projects in progress outlined on this page. Please scroll down to view the details of each project. As an alternative to online donations, The Hoapili Baker Foundation gladly accepts gifts in the form of checks to our mailing address.


Please use our Contact form for questions or comments regarding a donation. The Hoapili Baker Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are 100% tax deductable as permitted by law.


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